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 Featuring painter Judy Vierow, and quilter, Anne Triguba, we present their collaborative exhibition.

Judy Vierow -Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, unaware of much beyond its borders seemed the perfect place for Vierow's child's mind.

When she left it behind, she continued the search for a mythology where everyone shared a common kindness and life was simpler.

When Vierow began painting years later she found she hadn't lost that longing

for the perfect place, a fabled garden, a home of sorts, and she soon began creating with those places always on the edge of her mind. The houses, doors and gates, animals, even chairs with paws or high heels,

all of her unbelievable world in these small paintings reflect that urge for a simpler, gentler world. A slightly humorous, even whimsical vision of a world we might all find more to our liking.

Anne Triguba - The dynamics of the studio art quilt are rooted in the transformation which takes place between concept and final construction.  Triguba's process is all about the energy generated when a whole is broken down into many parts and rejoined in an act of constructive  change.  The fragments of color and texture become a new entity, with a new character and a new message.

In quilts, as in life, it is the many fragments that make the
 "whole".  The texture,color, line, and shapes of life are all held together by the glue of history and intellect.  In my quilts, these elements are knitted together with tiny stitches...creating, through repetition, a field of energy which constantly renews Triguba as an artist.

August 17- September 28

Artists Reception August 17


Featuring Live Music by Just Jazz,  

complimentary h' orsdurves, wine 

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