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Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are a source of great fun in the summertime. What kid doesn’t dream of having a swimming pool in his or her backyard?

Yet, it’s important to keep in mind, as a parent, that swimming pools aren’t just for fun. Swimming pools can be dangerous.

For instance, the most obvious danger with a swimming pool is the risk of drowning. While this danger is always present when near water, the risk is greater when a family owns the pool simply because the water is always there. Kids can sneak out and swim at night or go out when parents are taking a nap. At any time, the risk is there. Parents need to take extra caution because of this. Putting up a fence around the pool would help keep the younger children out. For older children, strict rules with strict punishments are suggested to drill in the dangers of the pool. Also, make sure all children, regardless of age, get swimming lessons.

Another risk with a pool is slipping. Again, this is always present when water is around, but once again, a pool at the home means the risk is always there. To limit the risk, make sure your pool doesn’t have slippery surfaces nearby and enforce the rule of no running near the pool.

Further risks include, on the one hand, the spread of disease, and on the other, chemical exposure. These are really two sides of the same coin. If the pool water is not treated enough, bacteria can grow and that can lead to illness for people who swim in it. If too many chemicals are used (or someone gets into the chemicals) there’s a risk from that exposure. To limit this risk, keep careful track of your pool cleaning schedule and lock away any chemicals you use. Ideally, hire pool cleaners since they know best when and how to clean pools.

There are many smaller dangers also to consider, from injuries from pool toys to sunburns, and all such dangers suggest a new to always be vigilant with a pool in the backyard.

A pool can be the greatest gift you ever give your family. It can give children innumerable great summer memories. At the same time, though, pools require a heightened level of awareness and responsibility. Anyone considering purchasing a pool should be aware of this ahead of time.

Make sure, if you do decide to put in a pool, that you install the right surfaces (to avoid slipping), get a fence, and maintain strict rules for how to act in the pool. At the same time, keep a strict cleaning schedule and keep all chemicals strictly locked away and out of reach of everyone but yourself.

When it comes to pool fun, a little strictness is the best recipe for a good time. A little strictness makes sure people aren’t just having fun, they’re playing safe.